Sermons Delivered at 

Shelton Christian Church

Current Series: Things God Hates – Proverbs 6:16-19

What we have to say about others is a concern of God. We are to speak truth.

We saw that God detests feet that are quick to rush to evil. And we sang congregationally.

February 14 looked at the heart that devises wicked schemes.

February 7th saw us looking at the shedding of innocent blood.

With Bruce out of COVID House Arrest, we return to the current series. Today is on the lying tongue.

We had a second week with Bruce in quarantine so Bill Adam filled in again.

While Bruce is recovering from COVID, Bill Adam filled in. We were using a new software so bear with us please.

January 10th starts a new series on seven things God hates.

We started the year with Bill Adam preaching.

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