Sermons Delivered at 

Shelton Christian Church

Current Series: The Words in Red

Jesus promises to send us another advocate.

Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.”

We extended our Words in Red series with a look at Jesus’s encounter with the woman caught in adultery. If you would like to see the video we showed go to Skit Guys and check out “Resilient.”

This morning we start September and finish the Red Words series with a look at the seven last words of Jesus from the cross.

We considered what Jesus had to say when asked about his return.

This week we returned to one service and had a great worship today. We look at the ripe fields and needed workers.

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Bruce was working at Pleasant Valley Christian Camp with the youth group so Bill Adam filled in this week.

One of the most important question Jesus was asked had to do with the most important commandment. We look this week at his answer.

We begin August with a look at Matthew 23 and Jesus’s warning and woes.

We ended July with a look at John 17. Plus there is a special report from Nathan about his wife.

July 19 we looked at Jesus’s discussion of clean and unclean.

July 12th brought us to Jesus’s, “Born Again.”

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