Worship Services with Sermons 

Shelton Christian Church

May 1st launched a short series on Romans.

April ends with a final look at Matthew.

We celebrated Jesus’ resurrection on Sunday.

Easter Weekend began with Good Friday.

Current Series: Reflections from Matthew

Palm Sunday – Jesus lays claim to his identity.

The rich young ruler from Matthew 19 was next.

Matthew 18 talks about how we are to treat people, and a child is the example of the humility that kingdom people are to possess.

Matthew 17 tells of Jesus’ transfiguration, his divine glory revealed.

In Matthew 16, Jesus asks the question, who am I. And he gives his answer as well.

Jesus invites Peter to join him walking on the lake, Matthew 14.

Matthew 13 helps us better understand parables.

More sermons delivered at Shelton Christian can be found on at Shelton Christian Church on YouTube.