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Current Series,The Stories Which Tell The Story

This series concluded with a look at how we make our personal story part of The Story. Conversion and surrender are needed.

We are coming to up the home stretch for this series. We look this week at us, the Church.

We move into the New Testament era with a look at the way God preserved the beginning of His Church.

The Story comes to its dramatic moment with the coming of Jesus.

After a few weeks of other stuff and one missed video we continue this week with a history lesson and the period between the testaments.

The Story also includes David and his role.

This week we looked at the period of the judges and Israel’s first king.

Moses is the first of the great saviors of Israel. He was prepared by God for his mission.

After Abraham came three generations.

Part 2 – Redemption’s Story begins, with the call of Abraham.

The series starts with the dilemma which needs resolution.


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