From the Minister

Bruce ThackerWe consider it a blessing that you have come to visit our website.  Since 1993 I have served the family that is Shelton Christian Church.  I have one great love.  I love my Lord Jesus Christ.  I began my walk with Him as a nine year old in Caldwell, Idaho.  Throughout my life I come to know more and more what it means to be in love with Jesus.

Because of this love, I have three great passions.  The first is the Kingdom of God.  In this day and age, we need to understand and live as kingdom people.  For far too long, church people have been interested mostly in what their denomination, movement, fellowship, association, or whatever we want to call it, is doing.  Jesus said, “Seek first the Kingdom.”  Above all else, we at Shelton Christian Church seek to be Kingdom people.

My second great passion is the local church.  Some will say that they can be a Christian and not attend church.  I affirm that as a true statement.  BUT, that is not what Jesus and his apostles expected or wanted.  It is as part of the church of Shelton that we find our fullest expression of the love we have for Jesus.  Shelton Christian Church is part of this community.  We have our niche and our differences in practice and belief.  We have a unique place of worship and a program which we use to make disciples.  Yet, we are aware of our part in the larger church community in our town. Together, we witness to the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the grace and mercy of God, and the power of His Spirit.  It is in the local church that the three great pieces of the Christian walk, Faith, Hope, and Love are lived out.  I challenge you to be part of the church local.

My third great passion is missions.  In 2000, I made my first trip to Haiti.  It was a life changing experience and it remains so even today.  We here at Shelton Christian Church are deeply committed to ministry in Haiti.  Other pages on this website will explain in detail that commitment.  We support a camp and an evangelistic association  in Washington.  In Shelton we are involved in the Care Net Center, Youth for Christ, Habitat for Humanity and soon Love, INC.  Being a Kingdom Christian means that we see beyond ourselves and beyond our community to spread the message of Jesus around the world.

I would love to have you come and visit us.  We are not the biggest.  We are not perfect.  We are seeking with all our hearts and all our strength and all our minds to love our God.

Bruce Thacker, Minister

I invite you to visit my personal website. I share there my reflections on our spiritual journey and sermons that I have preached beginning in 2013.