But I Thought


Text: Matthew 10:34-39

Big Idea: The reality of what it means to be a disciple is harsh.


I.   We will face _______________.

A.   From the _____________.

B.   From those in our _____________.

C.   Even from _____________.


II.  We will have to have the _____________ priorities.

A.   We are commanded to _________ father and mother.

B.   Yet, _____________ is to be our priority.

C.   Cross-bearing is about saving _____________.


III.  We will be welcoming to __________(vv 40-42).

A.   First and foremost, we welcome ___________.

B.   Jesus says the next we welcome is the _____________.

C.   We welcome the _____________ person.

D.   Even the _____________ is to be welcomed. A simple glass of water is noticed.


Challenge: We all love peace and harmony. We all want to be loved and appreciated. We all want some selectivity as to who we allow in our lives. But being a disciple - a missionary - means these luxuries are not guaranteed or even promised. Gird up our loins and get ready. What expectations do we need to adjust?


Action Step: ____________________________


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