Let’s Pray

For the Week of August 18

(A convenient tear-off to keep for        your prayer time)


A-C-T-S Prayer

· Adoration & Praise—Satisfier—Psalm 63

· Confession—(Psalm 51, 1 John 1:9)

· Thankfulness—(1 Thess.  5:16-18)

· Supplication—(Philippians 4:6-7)

· SCC Missions Support:  Global Vision Citadel Ministries; Maudi Newman—Shelton Family Center;  Care Net Pregnancy Center;  Christian Evangelistic Association;  Pleasant Valley Christian Camp;  Habitat For Humanity & Love, Inc. of  Mason County, Jono & Marie Miller

· Jono & Marie Miller, Missionaries—Leaving the mission field in October, moving back to Australia.  Pray for Marie’s health, she now has lupus.

· Pray for our country to seek after God’s Righteousness

· SCC Leadership—Pastor Bruce & Youth Minister Sherry, Elders, Ministry Community, Bible Teachers & Worship Leaders

· The Hispanic Church here at SCC

· Our shut-ins—Helga Martin, Don McBride, Will Wyatt

· Steve Patterson—healing following back surgery

· Nancy Jay—healing following kidney surgery

· Debbie Hart—healing following surgery

· Those who are facing recent losses- The Blanton Family and the Dazell Family

· Baby Everest Nail, 8 month old, receiving treatments in Louisiana, injury induced cerebral palsy.  Pray effectiveness and treatment provision for the family

· Will Wyatt—strength for the day

· Cliff Johnson’s mother, Jackie—healing and rehabilitation needed

· The country of Haiti—unrest & poverty, healing for the Haitian people

· Hippo Valley Christian Mission          in Zimbabwe—God’s continued provision

· and making big changes


Please update your prayer requests occasionally, contact Debbie.




Text Box:

A Little Help Here, Please


Text: Hebrews 3:12-14


Big Idea: The writer here is concerned with our ability to stay connected to Christ and His church.


I. Staying connected is a matter of the __________.


A.  The writer ties __________ to the heart.

B.  Hearts are soft and pliable or __________ and unbending.

C.  This hardness comes from sin's __________.

D.  A hard heart turns us __________ from God, Jesus and faith.


II. Staying connected is a matter of __________.


A.  __________ is in play here. We have a responsibility to one another.

B.  We are encouragers __________ day.

C.  There are a number of __________ to be an encourager.


III. Staying connected is a matter of __________.


A.  We share in Christ. We are bound together as __________.

B.  There is a proviso here, "_______. . ."

C.  If we __________ firm.

D.  Hold firm to the __________.

E.  We hold firm to the __________ conviction.


Challenge: The writer here wants his readers to stay connected to Christ, and to the Church. That involves keeping, and returning. It means caring, and sharing, and loving, and correcting, and encouraging. Our Western individualistic ideal interferes here. You believe what you want, I will believe what I want.


Action Step: __________________________________


Text Box: This Week’s Schedule
Sunday (Today) 
	3:00 p.m. Hispanic Church Service
Monday  Jr. High Mission Trip to Yakima Returns
	6:30-8 p.m. Women’s Study (Discovering Joy in Philippians) at Debbie Rothrock’s 
	10:00 a.m. Laura’s Theme 
	6:30 p.m.  Hispanic Church Service
	6:30 p.m.  Elder’s Mtg. 
	6:30 p.m. Youth Group & Women’s Study 			(Discovering Joy in Philippians) at the Church
Text Box: Jr. High Youth Mission to Yakima	Aug  15-19
Elders Meeting				Aug 20
Top of the Hill Potluck at the Palmers  	Aug 25
Young At Heart Camp (Mature adults)   Sept. 5-7
Kingdom Kids Begin			Sept. 25
Kingdom Kids Harvest Party		Oct. 30
Adult Amor Mexico House Build		Nov 8-11

Mark Your Calendars