Let’s Pray

For the Week of June 20

(A convenient tear-off to keep for your personal prayer time)


· SCC Mission Support: Global Vision Citadel Ministries; Maudi Newman—Shelton Family Center; Care Net Pregnancy Center; Christian Evangelistic Association; Pleasant Valley Christian Camp; Habitat For Humanity; Love Inc of Mason County; & World Outreach Ministries

· SCC Leadership—Pastor Bruce and Youth Minister Sherry, Elders, Ministry Community, Bible Teachers & Worship Leaders

· 2021 SCC Elders—Hebrews 13:17-18; Mike Woods, Rick Korver, John Blanton, Ken Keiper, Gabriel Newman, Don Kunkle, Bill Adam, Cliff Johnson, and Bob Cobstill

· Our Shut-InsHelga Martin, Jean McMath, Virginia Howe, Olive Lanman, Elaine Adam and those staying homebound due to covid and illnesses

· Beca Sartori & Nea’ Moffit—traveling to Zimbabwe today

· Bruce & Sherry and Team—God’s continued provision, and ministry blessings

· Karen Townsend—Jonnie McBride’s sister, needs healing from cancer

· Kay Patterson—continued healing following back surgery

· The country of Haiti—health, provision, and social peace needed, blessings for the ministry of Jesus Christ there

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Please help us update these prayer needs.  Thank you.

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Bill Adam









Welcome To Our Church Service

Here At Shelton Christian Church


       LIVE STREAMING is still available.  Three ways to find us. 1.  Go to YouTube.com and search for Shelton Christian Church. One option should say “Live” in red. If not we are not streaming yet.  2. Go to Facebook and to Shelton Christian Church Group and find the link. 3. Go to www.sheltonchristian.com and find a link on the first page.

       PARKING LOT LISTENERS? Come into the building to get your communion  and a church bulletin. We have an FM transmitter to broadcast into the parking lot for those who would like to remain in their cars during service. The station is posted on the outside of the building located by the sanctuary windows. The service will also be posted on our church website later on Sunday.

       OFFERINGS: Lastly, thanks so much for remembering our church. We have been able to operate here and pay our bills and missions support. There are several options, like mail a check, online bill pay through your banking institution, or stop by the office. Call first to make sure someone will be there. Today you may put your offering in the offering box as you enter the sanctuary.

       We also have a donation link on our website as well.

On the


· June 20    Father’s Day Sunday

· June 29  The Zimbabwe Team                   arrives home

· June 30—July 2 First Chance Camp

· July 11—16  Middle School Camp

· July 25-31  Jr. Camp