Let’s Pray

For the Week of February 9

(A convenient tear-off to keep for        your prayer time)


A-C-T-S Prayer

· Adoration & Praise—Our Heavenly      Father—1 John 3:1

· Confession—(Psalm 51, 1 John 1:9)

· Thankfulness—(1 Thess.  5:16-18)

· Supplication—(Philippians 4:6-7)

· SCC Missions Support:  Global Vision Citadel Ministries; Maudi Newman—Shelton Family Center;  Care Net Pregnancy Center;  Christian Evangelistic Association;  Pleasant Valley Christian Camp;  Habitat For Humanity & Love, Inc. of  Mason County

· Pray for our country to seek after God’s Righteousness

· SCC Leadership—Pastor Bruce & Youth Minister Sherry, Elders, Ministry Community, Bible Teachers & Worship Leaders

· 2020 SCC  Elders—Hebrews 13:17-18, Mike Woods, Rick Korver, John Blanton, Ken Keiper, Gabriel Newman, Don Kunkle, Bill Adam, Cliff Johnson & Bob Cobstill

· The Hispanic Church here at SCC

· Our shut-ins—Helga Martin, Virginia Howe

· Linda Cobstill’s dad—given two months to live

· Pastor Bruce  - continued healing

· Simon Rogers—Bob & Lorilyn Roger’s son, prayers for healing still needed

· Patience—Gil Palmer’s niece, health issues and needs a liver transplant

· Cliff Johnson’s mother, Jackie—Jackie’s care and God’s call home

· The country of Haiti—Praise! The unrest is improving! Pray for our future Haiti Mission Trip

· Hippo Valley Christian Mission          in Zimbabwe—God’s continued provision

· Peace in the Middle East (Peace on earth)

· Homeless Crisis Solutions

· Climate Change Solutions



Please update your prayer requests.




Text Box: This Week’s Schedule
	9:00 a.m.  Sunday School
	10:00 a.m.  Worship
      Following Church: Worship Team Meeting & Pizza & Prayer
	3:00 p.m. Hispanic Church Service
	6:30-8 p.m. Women’s Joy Study at the Rothrock’s
	10:00 a.m. Laura’s Theme 
	10:30 a.m.  Wednesday AM Bible Study
	6:30 p.m.  Youth Group, Kingdom Kids and Women’s      	Discovering Joy in Philippians 
	6:30-8 p.m.  Ladies Draw Me Close
 Friday –Monday
	Kids Winter Camp at PVCC
Text Box: New Small Group Study w/ Liz			Feb 9
Kid’s Winter Camp at Pleasant Valley Christian Camp	Feb 14-17
Half Day of Prayer				Feb 22
Haiti Medical Mission Trip         Apr 1—April 11 (Tentative dates)
Northwest Christian Women’s Conference	Apr 24-26
	(moved to Black Lake Bible Camp in Olympia)
Service Camp at Pleasant Valley Christian Camp May 22-25
First Chance Camp				July 1-3
Youth Mexico House Build			July 3-13
Jr. Camp (4th-6th)				July 26-31
Wi-Ne-Ma Week of Mission			July 26-Aug 1

Mark Your Calendars

Oh, the Pain


Text: 1 Timothy 4

Big Idea: What exactly are the ways we train in Godliness?



I. There are some ________________ things.

A. _______________ the Bible.

B. _______________.

C. _______________.


II. There are some more _______________ ways as well.

A. It isn’t easy to _______________ our faith - but it helps.

B. Don’t argue, but _______________ with people who have a difference of opinion.

C. Wrestle with _______________ topics.

D. _______________ theological stuff. (Not Wikipedia)


III. Don’t go it _______________.

A. Sunday School _______________.

B. Reading _______________.

C. A _______________ - Mentor.

D. Ask _______________.


Challenge: The point is, if we are going to be strong Christians, we have to work at it. We are not Christians because we are Americans. We are not Christians because we can sing “Jesus Loves Me.” We are Christians because we believe in Jesus and do our best to be like him. Were are you going to start on you godliness fitness plan?


Action Step: _______________________________

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Kids Camp  Bakesale Last Week

Thank you everyone! 

The kids made $260 that will be applied to Camp Scholarships!  Yay!