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Keeping It Alive


Text: 1 Cor 13:13

Big Idea: The story of hope brings us to some intriguing hopeful people.



I.   The first is _______________.


A.   Given all he faced, he seems _______________ to be a person of hope.    

B.   Yet, in the midst of a passage of self-defense, he says, “Though he slay me, yet will I _______________ in him; I will surely defend my ways to his face.”

C.   This is Advent hope. It is hope where there _______________ be no hope.

II  The second is actually a _______________.

A.   Israel has moved out of the desert and been at _______________.

B.   A nation of slaves has become a nation experiencing God’s good _______________.

C.   This is Advent hope as well, experiencing God’s good _______________.III,

III.  The third person is _______________.

A.   Ruth and Naomi are an example of the _______________ of hope and despair.

B.   After gleaning in Boaz’s fields, Ruth returns to Naomi with the _______________ of her day.

C.   Advent hope is finding our kinsman-_______________.

IV.  The next is _______________.

A.   David’s history is _______________ at best.

B.   As his life ebbs away, he is given a promise, a _______________ promise.

C.   This offspring is not _______________, et. al. It is none other than the child Mary carries to Bethlehem.


V,  ___________ finishes out list of hopeful people from the O.T.

A.   In his book, he _______________ the loss of Israel and Judah’s misfortune.

B.   Micah will be one of the great _______________ for Advent hope. Many look to him in the centuries following.


Challenge: And this brings us to Mary and our candle devotion. I ponder what Mary thought those days of pregnancy. The child she carried was the Advent hope. Hope for a nation, hope for a king, hope for those needing a redeemer, hope for those in distress. He is also our hope as well.


Action Step: ________________________________________________


Let’s Pray

For the Week of December 4

(A convenient tear-off to keep for your personal time)

· SCC Mission Support—Global Vision Citadelle Ministries; Care Net Pregnancy Center; Christian Evangelistic Association; Pleasant Valley Christian Camp; Habitat For Humanity; Love, Inc.; and World Outreach Ministries

· SCC Leadership—Pastor Bruce and Youth Minister Sherry; Ministry Community; Bible Teachers; and Worship Team

· 2022 Elders– Hebrews 13:17-18—Mike Woods, Rick Korver, John Blanton, Ken Keiper, Gabriel Newman, Don Kunkle, Bill Adam, Cliff Johnson, and Bob Cobstill

· Those At Home—Jean McMath, Virginia Howe, Olive Lanman, Elaine Adam and Mary Wyatt

· Bruce & Sherry—as they make future ministry plans AND SCC as we prepare for future pastoral changes

· Aimee Keiper’s sister’s healing and elderly mother’s care

· Owen, Jeanne and John Blanton’s nephew—hospitalized. needs a proper diagnosis and healing from extreme pain

· Geno—the Thacker’s grandson—pray for healing and proper treatment for AVM in his brain, more testing this week

· Linda and the Cobstill Family—following the passing of our brother Bob

· Maudi’s Sister-in-law—pregnancy complications have corrected! Praise God! Pray the baby can remain in utero as long as possible.

· Mary Wyatt—respiratory issues

· Gil Palmer—continued healing

· Those with SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder, especially in the dark winter months

· The Great Commission here at SCC and around the world...let’s share Jesus and teach people to obey God’s Word

2nd Sunday of Advent—HOPE