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1/2 Day of Prayer


Saturday, February 24

9-12 noon



What is a 1/2 Day of Prayer?


††††† A 1/2 Day of Prayer is a special designated time to pray along side other members of the church.† We meet at the church and each person goes alone to a place to pray in solitude.† When nearing the finishing time, participating members will gather and share, often times closing in prayer together.† It is an intentional time of intercession and fellowship with God.† It also helps to ready us for times of service.† Preparation for service is made when we get alone with God.†

††††† Bring your Bible, a journal, maybe your headphones and some worship music. What ever you like.† This is your time alone with God laying your life and requests down at His feet.†


††††† As you settle in for your 1/2 Day of Prayer, you will do well to divide your time into three parts.†

1. Waiting on the Lord.† Realizing His Presence.† Waiting on Him for cleansing.† Asking for help concentrating.† Worshipping Him.† A time of thanksgiving.

2. Prayer for others. Missions, family, neighbors, our countryís leadership, our church and itís members and leadership.

3. Prayer for yourself.† Maybe you are facing an important decision...pray.† Let your prayers be guided by scripture, maybe reading a whole book of the Bible and how it might apply to your life.