A Message From Nathan:



To the Men of God,††


Recently I just came back from a trip to Cambodia with a ministry that reaches out to victims of human sex trafficking. I have seen first hand what the abuse of a girl can do to her. Upon returning to the USA, I have concluded that men of God need to rise up and meet the root of this issue head on. I would like to start a men's group that would help us see women more through the eyes of Jesus. This will be a time for accountability, challenge, and encouragement. I invite men who struggle with this issue to come join us.



When? Mondays from 5:00≠6:00ish, †††† †††† †††† †††† (starting May 8th)


Where? Mt. View Alliance Church††† † †††† †††† †††† †††† Office


Other Questions? Feel free to contact Nathan Sartori at 490≠7100.