Let’s Pray

For the Week of August 13               (A convenient tear-off to keep for        your prayer time)


A-C-T-S Prayer

· Adoration & Praise—Merciful -(Romans 12:1)

· Confession—(Psalm 51, 1 John 1:9)

· Thankfulness—(1 Thess.  5:16-18)

· Supplication—(Philippians 4:6-7)

· SCC Missions Support:  Global Vision Citadel Ministries;  Youth For Christ, Maudi Newman;  Care Net Pregnancy Center;  Christian Evangelistic Association;  Pleasant Valley Christian Camp;  Habitat For Humanity

· Pray for our country’s leadership—God’s best for our country

· SCC Leadership—Pastor Bruce & Youth Minister Sherry, Elders, Ministry Community, Bible Teachers & Worship Leaders

· Our shut-ins—Evelyn Moore, Helga Martin, & Don McBride

· Jr. High Youth Mission trip—God’s blessings

· Maureen Chapman—Heart surgery on Monday

· Rich Unterseher—on hospice now, pray for Rich, Jody, Brad & family

· Shaun Parker—diagnosis and healing for abdominal pain

· David Campbell—(Gail Campbell’s husband) continued healing needed

· Wanda DuMars—knee surgery, pray for healing

· Joyce Faulkner—physical therapy for recovery of broken arm

· Nellie Christian—God’s best for future housing

· Kathy Sisson—healing

· Terri Thompson—continued prayers for healing

· Those with depression and anxiety.

· Lyn Boelk—pray for healing of her eye

· _____________________________

· ______________________________

Please update your prayer requests occasionally, contact Debbie.




Text Box:

Above All Others


Text: Matthew 10:37


Big Idea: In a paragraph on being worthy of him, Jesus has some challenging words about family. Family can have a positive or a negative effect on this life worthy of the calling.


I.  Jesus in not _____________ the importance of family.

A.  One of the Perfect Ten is ___________ father and mother.

B.  Jesus ripped the Pharisees for finding ways to ___________ such honor.

C.  ___________ family is part of the list for elders and deacons.

D.  So this verse is not really about ___________ per se.


II.  Jesus is talking about ________________ priorities.

A.  What makes a worth life is __________________.

B.  This means it is not family __________________.

C.  The kingdom priority is ___________ first. Nothing else can come ahead of him.

D.  Jesus has three parables about _______________ to delaying or not following.

E.  A life worthy the calling is a Jesus ___________ life.

F.  This sets our priorities and offers guidelines for ____________ living.


Challenge: This morning we are here because we are followers of Christ. Following him is not easy. What he has done for us means we too have sacrifices and choices to make. This is not an easy road. I love my family, my wife, kids, and grandkids. I care deeply about your families. Yet, if I am to walk this worthy life Jesus must be my first, my only real priority. What do I need to adjust in my attitude to make him really first priority?


Action Step: _______________________________


Text Box: Elder’s Meeting 			August 22 (Moved from 15th)
Jr. High Mission Trip			August 17-21
Top of the Hill Potluck at the Palmer’s 	August 27
Sunday School For All Ages Begins	September 10
Wednesday Morning Bible Study	September 13
Kingdom Kids Begins			September 20
Kingdom Kids Neighborhood Harvest Party  October 25
Text Box: What’s On Schedule This Week

	10:00 a.m.  Laura’s Theme Encouragement Ministry
	6:30 p.m.  Youth  Group  for Jr. High/Middle School Trip attenders only this week.

	Jr. High Missions Trip to  McKinley Indian Mission in 	Yakima