Text Box: Top of the Hill Potluck at the Korver’s   	June 25
First Chance Camp			June 29-Jul 1
Youth Mexico Trip			June 30-July10
4th of July All Church Picnic at the Woods  July 2
Top of the Hill Gang Potluck at the Cobstill’s July 30
Wi-Ne-Ma Week of Missions		July 30-August 5
Jr. Camp at PVCC (4th-6th)		August 6-12

Let’s Pray

For the Week of June 11

(A convenient tear-off to keep for        your prayer time)


A-C-T-S Prayer

· Adoration & Praise—Faithful, His Word Forever (Isaiah 40:8)

· Confession—(Psalm 51, 1 John 1:9)

· Thankfulness—(1 Thess.  5:16-18)

· Supplication—(Philippians 4:6-7)

· SCC Missions Support:  Global Vision Citadel Ministries;  Youth For Christ, Maudi Newman;  Care Net Pregnancy Center;  Christian Evangelistic Association;  Pleasant Valley Christian Camp;  Habitat For Humanity

· Pray for our country’s leadership—God’s best for our country

· SCC Leadership—Pastor Bruce & Youth Minister Sherry, Elders, Ministry Community, Bible Teachers & Worship Leaders

· Our shut-ins—Evelyn Moore, Helga Martin, & Don McBride

· David—a man injured in a sawmill accident last month, pray for healing

· Sherry Thacker, Sharon Hawley and Catelyn Jacks—Haiti Trip teaching sewing June 12th-22nd, travel mercies and trip success

· Joyce Faulkner—physical therapy for recovery of broken arm

· Terri Thompson—continued prayers for healing

· Don McBride—continued prayer for strength and depression to lift.

· Please pray for a member of our congregation who is dealing with depression and anxiety.

· Children’s Camps & Mission trips being prepared—God’s blessings

· Lyn Boelk—pray for healing, her eye in particular

· _____________________________

· ______________________________


Please feel free to update your    prayer needs  or praises.  




Text Box: What’s On Schedule This Week

	6:30 p.m.  NO Youth Bible Study until June 26

	10:00 a.m.  Laura’s Theme Encouragement Ministry
	10:00 a.m.  Wednesday Morning Bible Study in the office
	6:30 p.m.  Youth  Group

	6:30 p.m.  Thursday Night Moms
Text Box:

Promise Keeper


Text: Deuteronomy 7:9; Psalm 89:1-2

Big Idea: These texts touch on God's faithfulness. God is a keeper of his promises.


I.  We begin with promises in the ___________

A.  In the OT there is no specific word for '___________'.

B. There are all ___________ of promises made.

C.  Some of God's promises are more ___________.

D.  Others are ___________.

E.  Others are more like ___________.

F.  Still at other times, God's promise ___________ a picture but what is coming is so much better.


II.  While people fail to keep their word, God ___________ does.

A.  God's promises are generally ___________ based.

B.  Israel look possession of the land ___________ of Abraham.

C.  The primary fulfillment of God's OT promises culminate in ___________ .


III.  God still has promises for ___________ .

A.  We have the promise of ___________ life.

B.  We have the promise of ___________ .

C.  We are a ___________ of God.

D.  Christ is coming ___________ .

E.  Other promises are lived out ___________ , certain conditions do apply.


Challenge: God's Word demonstrates that he keeps his word. Because of his past faithfulness, we can be confident that our current promises as those yet in the future, will be kept as well. Some are going to happen, with us or without us. For others, our cooperation is required. Through it all, no matter what we as Christians or as his church do, God will faithfully execute is plan and his will.


Action Step: ______________________________


Thursday Night Moms


Moms, you are invited from 6:30-8 pm.  This group is for moms and their little ones or soon to be moms to come and socialize.  Share “mom and baby stories” and support each other in the process. A nursery will be open and Lillian will be available to watch the little ones if needed. Hope to see you there.