Text Box: Top of the Hill Gang Potluck at Vera’s	May 21	
Half-Day of Prayer			May 27
Youth Yard Sale				June 3
Ministry Community Meeting		June 6
Ladies Draw Me Close			June 8
First Chance Camp			June 29-Jul 1
Youth Mexico Trip			June 30-July10

Let’s Pray

For the Week of May 14

(A convenient tear-off to keep for        your prayer time)


A-C-T-S Prayer

· Adoration & Praise—God our Counselor (Psalm 32:8) Thank God for listening to our problems and for His guidance

· Confession—(Psalm 51, 1 John 1:9)

· Thankfulness—(1 Thess.  5:16-18)

· Supplication—(Philippians 4:6-7)

· SCC Missions Support:  Global Vision Citadel Ministries;  Youth For Christ, Maudi Newman;  Care Net Pregnancy Center;  Christian Evangelistic Association;  Pleasant Valley Christian Camp;  Habitat For Humanity

· Pray for our country’s leadership—God’s best for our country

· SCC Leadership—Pastor Bruce & Youth Minister Sherry, Elders, Ministry Community, Bible Teachers & Leaders

· Our shut-ins—Evelyn Moore, Helga Martin, & Don McBride

· Joyce Faulkner—continued healing for her broken arm

· Lyn Boelk—pray for healing, her eye in particular

· Terri Thompson—continued prayers for healing

· Don McBride—continued prayer for strength and depression to lift.

· Please pray for a member of our congregation who is dealing with depression and anxiety.

· Children’s Camps & Mission trips being prepared—God’s blessings

· ______________________________

· ______________________________



Please feel free to update your    prayer needs  or praises.  




Text Box: What’s On Schedule 
This Week
	6:30 p.m.  Youth Bible Study 

	10:00 a.m.  Laura’s Theme Encouragement Ministry
	6:30 p.m.  Elder’s Meeting
	10:00 a.m.  Wednesday Morning Bible Study
	6:30 p.m.  Women’s Bible Study, Kingdom Kids & Youth 	Group

	6:30 p.m.  Ladies Draw Me Close (See insert)
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Notes From Today’s

Haiti Medical Trip Presentation



Happy Mother’s Day to All Our Mothers!

May all the love you gave
come back to you a hundredfold 
on this special day!

mothers day sayings