Northwest Schools of Mission

We are hosting this years Schools of Mission on October 1, 2017 at both our Sunday School and Worship hours. This year we will have Larry and Teri Lewis who are directors of Berlin Connections a library, bookstore, and coffee-shop that shares the gospel in Germany.

Worship Christmas Morning

Some have wondered. yes, we are having church on Christmas. But there will be no Sunday School. We will try and get you out close to 11:00 so you can get with family.

Half Day Prayer

ClockPeriodically the church family gathers for a half day prayertime. We begin with some directions and then dismiss to spread around the church building for a morning of worship and prayer. We might use music, a devotional, prepared prayer lists, and/or journals to seek God and to petition him. It is a great morning experience. We provide direction and some tools to assist in this adventure.