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Current Series, Thoughts from Hebrews.

The next to last sermon from Hebrews 12:14-14

The author of Hebrews uses a race metaphor to help us focus on finishing our journey of faith and promise.

We had a special guest this week, Dave Fortescue from Doma, Zimbabwe. There is a short video that doesn’t record well. Its only 3 minutes so hang in there.

We return to our look at Hebrews by visiting chapter 11, the great hall of fame.

The last Sunday of September was our annual Northwest Schools of Mission. This year Sam Wrisley from Hope2 was with us.

In this message we looked at the ways we can help one another enter into the presence of the Almighty God with confidence.

This week the author of Hebrews used a nautical symbol to describe the hope we have in Jesus.

The author is concerned that he can’t discuss difficult things because the Hebrews were not listening. We look at some ways we can mature and grow in our faith.

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